Board Members

The Friends of the Bowlus, Inc. Board of Directors began as a 7-member board, but by 1996 expanded to include up to 15 members.  The board governs the Friends, and all functions of the board are governed by the bylaws of the corporation.  All board members serve a 3-year term with one-third of the board elected (or re-elected) annually.

The board is served by a 5-member executive committee made up of the president, vice-president, secretary/treasurer, and two members-at-large.  Due to its smaller size, the executive committee can meet more quickly and frequently to act on matters which require immediate attention and prepare recommendations for the general board.

2015-2016 Friends of the Bowlus, Inc. Board of Directors:

Jan Knewtson (Iola), President

Shelby Bauer (Iola), Vice-President

Rita Berntsen (Iola), Secretary/Treasurer

Diana Asher (Iola), Executive Committee Member-at-Large

Ken McGuffin (Iola), Executive Committee Member-at-Large

Bret Heim (Moran) - New board member!

Stephanie Larson (Iola)

Ken McWhirter (Moran)

Gary Parker (Moran)

Mary Ann Regehr (Iola)

Ken Shetlar (Iola) - New board member!

Tom Strickler (Iola)

Paula Sutherland (Iola)

Van Thompson (Iola)

Karen Works (Humboldt)

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