Operations Donors

Bowlus Fine Arts & Cultural Center - Operations Fund Donors 2016-2017

Donations designated to the Bowlus Operations Fund are used during the current fiscal year to meet our general operational needs. Bowlus Operations Fund donations are used to help pay monthly utility bills, management expenses such as accounting/auditing or legal fees, and annual maintenance/inspections on building equipment such as our fire extinguishers, boiler/chiller, and generator. Funds are also used to help pay for general maintenance such as new paint or plumbing/electrical repairs and capital improvements.

The Bowlus would like to recognize and express our appreciation to the following individuals and families who have contributed to the Bowlus Operations Fund this fiscal year.


BRAVO!                                                                            Gifts of $1,000 or more                     

Clopton Family Trust


STANDING OVATION                                                              Gifts of $500—$999

TLC Garden Center, Levi & Savannah Flory


STANDING ROOM ONLY                                                         Gifts of $250—$499

Mary Kay & David Heard

Donna Lower-Nord              


APPLAUSE                                                                                 Gifts of $100—$249                                                

Kendall & Shirley Ashford

Betty Friskel

Ken Groves

Don Hillbrant

Donna Houser

Dr. Max Patterson & Mary Ann Magnuson

Walt & Mary Ann Regehr

Bill & Roberta Shirley

Marsha Smith

Larry & Sharon Utley


CURTAIN RAISER                                                                           Gifts of $5—$99             

Anonymous Gift

Jim & Brenda Armstrong

James & Judy Heinrich

Grace Joy Family

Brian & Traci Plumlee

Jean Prothe

Susan Raines