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BOWLUS COVID 19 steps to provide a comfortable experience while attending a Bowlus event:

  • Masks are required during all public events. There will be Single Use Earl Loop Medical Masks available at every entrance for those who have forgotten or did not bring a mask. (children age 5 and below are exempt from wearing a mask)
  • Practiced Social Distancing in the venue will be encouraged by our staff and volunteers during your visit. We ask you to respect your fellow patrons without our reminders when in areas not supervised by our staff and volunteers.
  • Social Distancing in the Seating Area:
    • We will limit our capacity to 25% by the following means:
      • Skipping every row and putting 3 seats in between family (order) units.
      • Seating of the event will be from front of the house to back of the house in a 1st come 1st served process. 
      • We will need to accommodate patrons with mobility needs who cannot traverse to the balcony seating areas. The Bowlus reserves the right to reseat patrons if no one party comes forward to voluntarily move.
  • Box Office:
    • Events, sales/reservations will be processed over the phone or in person. Online will not be available until social distancing in the seating area is no longer required. 
    • For the patron’s safety and the safety of our staff, we highly encourage Credit Card Payments to limit the number of items handled and passed back and forth during the transaction.
  • Besides routine daily cleaning of restrooms and public areas, extra attention will be made in the sanitization of door handles and railings before and after a public event.
  • Hand sanitizer stations (with aloe and Vitamin E) will be placed throughout the facility to encourage clean, sanitized, and moisturized hands. 
  • After a performance, once patrons have left the seating area, seats will be sanitized utilizing an Electrostatic Sprayer by Earthsafe and Evaclean Puretabs. The same application and product currently in Delta Airlines cleaning procedures after every flight. You can find product details at this website:
  • Volunteer ushers will be at every event to assist you in your visit and are available to help guide you through the venue. Please understand for their safety, they will not be handing out programs or taking tickets from you. Tickets will be scanned to promote touchless transactions. Programs will be available on tables outside each entrance.
  • The Iola Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism is housed inside our building on the office level on the east side. It can be accessed through the east entrance.