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CSTW COVID-19 Procedures


  • A maximum of 20 students per class.
  • Masks are required. There will be Single Use Earl Loop Medical Masks available at every entrance for those who have forgotten or did not bring a mask. (CDC guidelines includes children above the age of 2)
    • The only exception will be when the child is “performing” either in the classroom or on the stage. Once they have stepped off the “stage” masks will need to put back on.
  • Practiced Social Distancing in the classrooms
  • Besides routine daily cleaning of restrooms and public areas, extra attention will be made in the sanitization of door handles and railings before and after a public event.
  • Hand sanitizer stations (with aloe and Vitamin E) will be placed throughout the facility to encourage clean, sanitized, and moisturized hands. 
  • After daily classes and rehearsals, all rooms are swept, mopped, and all seats are wiped down and sanitized.
  • All scenes and workshops will be directed to adhere to social distancing and no contact will be allowed in the performance.
  • Costumes for performances will not be provided by the Bowlus. All costumes needs will be communicated by staff. The child must arrive in the required costume at the designated day and time. The dressing rooms will not be used. No clothing can be left overnight.
  • Drop off:  Will be at the East side of the building through the loading dock and bay doors.  Children will enter and sanitize hands and put on mask.  Unless they bring their own mask, then just enter the building with it on. Pick Up:  After each session students will then exit through the East Entrance main doors (glass doors).  You can pull up through the drive or park on the street and we will send your kid over to you.
  • The Final Performance: A seating procedure will be followed in order to ensure proper social distancing in the seating area. For further information on the performance, details, and reservation; procedures will be communicated during the 1st week of camp.


  • The Iola Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism is housed inside our building on the office level on the east side. It can be accessed through the east entrance.