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We keep track of your donations and over the years they add up!

The listing below represents cumulative, lifetime donations received by the Friends of the Bowlus, Inc. since the organization's founding in 1991.  Donations include both designated and undesignated gifts, memorial gifts, gifts of stock, and in-kind services.  Donations also include gifts received upon death including bequests and insurance beneficiary distributions.

Names separated by a semicolon represent a change in household during the years of giving.

Legacy Club - $200,000 and Above

Wayne & Opal Archer; Wayne Archer Estate

Emerson, Jr. & Mickey Lynn; Emerson Lynn, Jr. Estate

      The Editors and Their Wives of The Iola Register

      Charles F. & May Scott, Editor, 1882-1938

      Angelo & Helen Scott, Editor, 1938-1965

      Emerson & Ruth Lynn, City Editor, 1940-1963

      Emerson & Mickey Lynn, Editor 1965-2000

      In Appreciation for the Contributions made by Mickey June Lynn


Pillar of the Arts Club - $100,000 – $199,999

Howard K. & Helen E. Gilpin; Helen E. Gilpin Estate


Director’s Club - $50,000 - $99,999



Producer’s Club - $20,000 - $49,999

Anonymous Gift

Jim & Mary Ann Arnott

Mary Ellen Stadler

Leland Ulrich

Susan Lynn & Dr. Brian Wolfe

Joe & Janie Works


Artist’s Club - $10,000 - $19,999

Judge William H. Enfield

Howard M. “Tony” & Elizabeth R. Immel; Elizabeth “Sue” Immel

Angelo Lynn

Emerson Killough Lynn

Michael Lynn

Modern Woodmen of America, Agent Liz Armer

Monarch Cement Company

Vic & Maxine Perkins

Russell Stover Candies


Friend’s Club - $5000 - $9,999

Mack V. & Sara C. Colt, Colt Investments, Inc.

Gannett Foundation, Inc.

James S. & Karen L. Gilpin

Helen Grother

Kretzmeier, McCammon, & St. Clair

Don & Mary L. Martin; Mary L. Martin

Ed & Suzanne Marquis


Fan Club - $1,500 – $4,999

Craig, Georgia & Kristen Abbott


Diana & Bill Asher

Kendall & Shirley Ashford

Jim & Shelby Bauer

Dr. Clay & Stephanie Beshore

Burton Bowlus

Mary E. Boyd

David & Terry Broyles

Richard & Lois Burris

Robert T. Burtch

Sergio & Charmane Campanini Family

Cedarbrook Golf Course

Bob & Jacki Chase

Copy Products, Inc.

Stanley & Maxine Dreher

Emprise Bank

The Employees of Emprise Bank of Iola

Marie J. & A. Ray Enfield

Farm City Days, Inc.

Allen & Sandra McDonald Finch

Lillian M. Franklin

Gates Corporation

Herff Jones, Inc.

Wayne & Oleata Hiser

Ruth Clopton Hodges

Hoffmeier Electric, LLC

Dorothy P. Hoye

Robert & Sarah J. Huskey; Sarah “Sally” Huskey

Iola Bank & Trust Company

Iola Community Theatre

Iola High School Class of 1948

Iola Music Club

The Iola Register, Inc.

Jake Jacobs

Dan & Linda Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Lane

Lonnie & Stephanie Larson

Harry & Joyce Lee

Herschel & Beth I. Lundblade

Fern Marsh

John & Georgia Masterson

Jacquelyn C. McFadden

John, Sr. & Connie McRae

Moran Presbyterian Church

Ralph & Viola A. Moser

Grace F. Myers

Gary & Janice Parker

Mary Ann Magnuson; Dr. Max Patterson & Mary Ann Magnuson

PEO Chapter L

Chuck & Emy Platt, Ace Hardware of Iola

Dr. Ellis & Jane Potter

Susan Raines

Walt & Mary Ann Regehr

Dave & Debra Roe

Rotary Club of Iola

Kathryn Bugbee Scott

Dee & Paula Sell

Bill & Roberta Shirley

Dr. Glen & Dee Singer

Jerry & Betty Skidmore

Barbara Sleeper

Steven P. Smith

Snodgrass, Dunlap & Company

South Street Dance Company Families

Southwestern Bell Telephone

Terry & Cheryl Sparks

Pete & Jiggs Stith

Robert & Donna Talkington

Van & Ellen Thompson

Marjorie Lee Weast

Maxine Woolery

Brian & Barbara Wolfe

Gerald & Mary Lea Wright

Walter H. Wulf & May L. Wulf

Paul L. & Judy J. Zirjacks; Paul L. Zirjacks

NOTE:  The Friends bookkeepers have worked hard to keep track of the numerous donations received over the past 25+ years . . .and it's possible to have missed something as the record keeping systems have changed along the way.  If you have any questions about this donor listing and why your family's name appears (or does not appear) in a particular category, please don't hesitate to notify the Bowlus office.  We are happy to share the information that we do have on file -- and want to record our donor history as accurately as possible.

  • The Iola Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism is housed inside our building on the office level on the east side. It can be accessed through the east entrance.