Bowlus Fine Arts & Cultural Center - Operations Fund & Preservation Fund Donors 2018-2019

Donations designated to the Bowlus Operations Fund are used during the current fiscal year to help cover monthly operating expenses such as utilities, accounting/auditing or legal fees, annual maintenance/inspections of building equipment and general repairs.

Funds designated for the Bowlus Preservation Fund are invested, earning interest and dividend income, but available fo rimmediate use to help cover teh cost of major or emergency repairs to the building or aging equipment when a need arises.  Gifts to the Bowlus Preservation Fund are marked with an asterisk (*).

The Bowlus would like to recognize and express our appreciation to the following individuals and families who have made financial contributions to the Bowlus this fiscal year.

BRAVO!                                                                                   Gifts of $1,000 or more                     

Joe & Janie Works

STANDING OVATION                                                              Gifts of $500—$999

In memory of Dorothy White*

STANDING ROOM ONLY                                                        Gifts of $250—$499

Donna Lower-Nord     

Deanie Olinger*        


APPLAUSE                                                                                    Gifts of $100—$249                                                

Diana & Bill Asher

Shirley Ashford & John W. Skillings

Donna Houser

Dan & Linda Johnson

Dr. Max Patterson & Mary Ann Magnuson

Walt & Mary Ann Regehr

Dee & Paula Sell

Bill & Roberta Shirley

Larry & Sharon Utley

Dennis & Vicky Hermreck


CURTAIN RAISER                                                                            Gifts of $5—$99             

Barbara Chalker Anderson

Anonymous Gifts

In honor of Evie Ballentine*

In honor of Finley Ballentine*

In honor of Lily Bellentine*

Diane Bedenbender

In honor of Jerry & Ann Hanson Coltrane*

In honor of Ruby E. Davis*

In honor of Nathan S. Fitch*

In honor of Timothy & Kimberly Fitch*

In honor of Adena Olinger Fritz*

Robert & Janice Horn

In honor of Alessandra Lerasle*

Doug & Linda Leonard

In honor of Marie Ohmie*

In honor of Douglas S. Olinger*

In memory of Gregory & Mary Olinger*

In memory of Imogene Saar Olinger*

In memory of Fannie Hunt Saar*

In honor of Kathy A. Saar*

Ben & Jen Taylor

Jeff & Gloria Tillman